Final BHN release – ‘Caveats’

We’ve just put the last Bleeding Heart Narrative release – ‘Caveats‘ – up on bandcamp.  As a thankyou to everybody who’s come to see us or listened to our music over the past few years we’re releasing it as a free download.

Caveats‘ is a collection of tracks we’ve accrued up to this point.  Some date back a couple of years and some we finished recording just last week.  Together they span pretty much the whole range of the kind of stuff we’ve put out in the past as well as possible directions we were looking to take.

We hope you enjoy it! 

And just a reminder that we’ll be playing one last gig at the Dalston Victoria on Wednesday 24th October and it’ll be free entry.  If you’re in the area come down and say hi.

See you soon.

BHN. x

We have come to the end…

It’s been an awesome run but sad to say that Bleeding Heart Narrative have reached the end. There’s no big dramatic reason – just that circumstances have changed and now feels like a good time to draw a line under where we are and move on to new projects.

Just wanted to say a massive thankyou to anybody who’s ever come to see us play, put us on, bought our records or just listened to our music.  Over the past few years we’ve met some awesome people, made a whole bunch of new friends, played with some amazing bands and we’re hugely grateful to everybody who’s helped us out along the way.

Apologies to those who’ve already heard about it on the internets but we’ll be playing one final gig in London and wanted to make sure anybody who wanted to come would have the heads-up. It’ll be at the Dalston Victoria on Wednesday 24th October and it’ll be free entry with support from Ben Pritchard (Lost Left).  We’ll aim to go out on a high so it’d be amazing to see as many people down there who can make it.

We’ll also be putting out a last release as a free download as a thankyou to everybody who’s come to see us, put us on, listened to us or looked at our t-shirts in a slightly perplexed way.  We’re still finalising the tracks and the artwork but it’ll be called ‘Caveats’ we’ll know as soon as its up.

So check back – this may be the end of Bleeding Heart Narrative but not for us. In the meantime, thanks an incredible amount to everybody reading this and everybody else. It’s been ace.

See you soon.

BHN. x

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Only a week to go til 1234 Festival!  We’re going to be opening up proceedings on the second stage at 12:30pm so make sure you get down for the start.  Apparently tickets are going pretty sharpish too so if you do fancy watching us and a bucketload of other bands in Shoreditch Park next Saturday make haste to the 1234 website.  Once there you can check out a load of ace bands who are playing and also be assailed by images of a girl doing weird finger-based semaphore at you.  Fun times.  Anyhow, be great to see you there.  In the meantime have a great bank holiday weekend!  BHN. x

p.s. Chose the image of the Count on a whim but turns out that the voice and puppeteer of Sesame Street’s best character passed away this week, which is sad – RIP Jerry Nelson!

Old Queen’s Head Thursday and Supernormal this weekend!

Hope you’ve been enjoying the Olympics?  Good.  The bad news is that they’re winding down on Thursday morning*.  What will we do with our lives?  Luckily we are here to provide alternative spectacle with just slightly less athletic prowess…

The Old Queen’s Head – Thursday!
We’re playing a FREE gig at The Old Queen’s Head in Islington on Thursday (9/8).  We’ll be on just after 9pm and also playing are Costelloes and Van Susans, as well as the awesome Cat Lovers DJ’s.  So that’ll be fun.  More information HERE.  Why not come down and watch us warm up for…

Supernormal Festival!
Massively excited to be playing this year’s Supernormal Festival – this weekend!  We were gutted to miss last year’s due to it clashing with Green Man but the 2012 line-up looks the best one yet – Ramesses, James Blackshaw, Hey Collosus, Plurals, and a ludicrous amount of other amazing stuff.  There’s a small amount of tickets still going apparently for just £65 so make haste over HERE if you’ve yet to get one.  We’re playing at 3:30pm on Saturday – hopefully see you there!

1234 Festival
We’re playing 1234 Festival in Shoreditch Park on September 1st!  See, look how happy the girl in the image is!  Or maybe she’s angry?  Or this could just be an elaborate greeting ritual.  So hard to tell.  Anyhow, it should be great, there’s a load of brilliant bands, and it’s a nice day out in the park, so why not GET YOUR TICKETS.

That’s all for now.  Hope all’s well with you.

See you soon.

BHN. x

* Ok, they’re finishing on Sunday but all the good stuff’s probably already happened so why not come out and see us anyway?  You’ll probably even be home in time for the highlights on TV.

New video – Ghost Cats Disappear Into The Night

Those who came to our gig at the Shacklewell Arms the other week will have been treated to some fantastic visuals by our good friend Laid Eyes. And now he’s gone and made a beautiful new video for us for our track ‘Ghost Cats Disappear Into The Night’ from our Bison EP.  It’s a hazy, hallucinatory affair that’s the perfect salve for eyes worn out from relentless athletics/swimming/fencing/kayak distraction.  Take a look…

Pelican, Sloth and Lynx effect

Way back in the mists of May we ran a competition in conjunction with The Great Escape Festival (basic gist HERE but it involved drawing).  And then straight after that it got really sunny for a couple of weeks and the drawing board seemed a lot less enticing.  So sorry these are late, but thanks to the fluctuations of the Great British Summer you can now take a look at the resultant drawings of the 3 competition winners’ suggestions over on The Great Escape website.  It’s not often you get to draw a lynx in a crown…

Anyhow, moving on, we’ve got a couple of ace-looking gigs coming up.  First up next Wednesday we’ll be supporting Inca Gold at the Dalston Victoria.  It’s free and Inca Gold are awesome so come down!  Or, if you can’t make that, there’s still (FREE) tickets left to our Eat Your Own Ears gig at the Shacklewell Arms.  Also on the bill are Lost Left and Max Bondi and Laid Eyes will also be providing visuals.  Should be great and it’d be amazing to see you there.

BHN. x

2 days – 3 gigs

Thanks a load to everybody who came down to see us in Brighton and Liverpool – fun times both.  We’ve got a bit of a break while we get some new recordings down soon but first – busy weekend ahead!

First up we’re looking forward to supporting Jonquil at the O2 Mobile Telephone Company Music Academy in Oxford on Friday (25/5)!  We’re on at 8pm and Oxford’s always fun so if that’s where you live, come down.  Then on Saturday (26/5) we’ll be playing two gigs in London.  First up is the annual bands, beer and burgers extravaganza that is the Brainlove Festival at the Windmill in Brixton – we’ll be on at 3pm so get there early if you’re coming down.  In fact, get there early regardless because there’s always a load of great bands and there’s a barbeque.  If you’re busy in the day and of a less southerly disposition though (in terms of London anyhow) then why not come and see us play at the Cat Lovers night at Queen of Hoxton in the evening?  We’re on at 9:45pm and it looks like an ace line-up all round.  So, plenty of options this weekend.  Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine.

Great Escape Competition!

COMPETITION TIME! To mark the fact that the lovely people at The Great Escape Festival have invited us to play down in Brighton on Friday (details here) we’ll be giving away 5 copies of our recent ‘Bison’ EP. However, to make it more interesting, and also in recognition of the fact that ‘Bison’ is almost exactly how you say ‘Brighton’ with a mouth full of drawing pencils (very true – try it at home*) we’ll be adding an illustrative element…

So here’s the idea. Post a comment underneath this facebook update with the name of one animal and two other objects/things (i.e. ‘cat / sombrero / jackhammer’), being as random as you like. We’ll choose our 5 favourites and each of these will win ‘Bison’ on CD. However, our favourite 3 of these will also have their submission turned into a drawing by BHN frontman Oli Barrett (who also did the cover artwork for ‘Bison’). Make sense? Best get going with the animals-‘n’-free-word-association then…

*Do not try this at home.

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Thanks a load to everybody who came down to the gig on Monday (that’s us playing up above there – photo by Gwilym Lee) – ace evening and great sets from Helium Robots and When Saints Go Machine too (thanks to WSGM for having us).  Also it was Matt(our new bass player)’s first gig with us and we completely forgot to mention that whilst on stage.  So there you go.  He didn’t fall over or anything.

Our next gig will be at C.A.M.P. in Old Street.  Not only is it a great line-up but it’s also all in support of the British Heart Foundation, who do amazing work and also sound a bit like us.  Not only not only that but it’ll be the first time we’ve shared a stage with a puppet show (well, unless you count that thing with the Brothers Quay film but they’d probably prefer we didn’t).  Full details HERE anyhow – it’s for a great cause and it’ll also be a great night so come down if you’re about.

That’s it for now.  Aside from to say that you can find a free download of our track ‘Blueskywards’ HERE, which you may have heard featured on a certain men-‘n’-motors show a couple of weeks ago (no, we have no idea why either).

Hope all’s good with you.

BHN. x

Mysterious Cults and Saintly Machines

Morning.  We’ve got a new video!  Here you go…

Also, some gig news – excited to be supporting awesome Danish electro-pop group When Saints Go Machine at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on April 2nd.  Full details here – – we’ll also be parading our brand new bass player (well, probably not literally though he might wave or something) so be good to see you there!

Oh, and follow us on facebook why don’t you?

Speak soon.  BHN. x